Lukas Rimle

PhD student. U178/U172

Investigations into the mode of action of a peptide toxin


In this project, we are currently investigating the mode of action of a peptide toxin that has been shown to be an extremely potent agent against several pathogens. However, the peptide’s toxicity towards mammalian cells has prohibited its use as a drug. There are various derivatives of the toxin which have a similar toxicity against the pathogens but that are significantly less toxic towards mammalian cells. Based on a Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR), we want to decipher important moieties of the peptide toxin for its extraordinary toxicity against mammals.


Deutschmann S., Rimle L., von Ballmoos C. (2021) Rapid estimation of membrane protein orientation in liposomes. Chembiochem. 2021 Nov, doi: 10.1002/cbic.202100543. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34763366.

Previous work in the group:

2018 – 2020 Master student:
Project: Development of a novel method to determine membrane protein orientation in a cell mimicking system